I am ready

When I was 17, he pretended not to notice me but I could always feel him watching me. That turned into an abusive relationship that resulted in a baby girl, 5lbs 6 ½ ounces… I wasn’t ready

When I was 22, he was the perfect gentleman. I kept asking myself, “When is this guy going to kiss me?” That turned into a fair skinned little boy with auburn hair and again, I wasn’t ready…

When I was 27, he came to almost every rehearsal. Imagine, little old shy me in a fashion show. That turned into my first real love; I thought I was ready…

When I was 33, he was my Knight in Shining Armor, or so I thought. That turned into “till death do us part.” Wow, marriage…are you every ready?

When I was 42, alone in my room; the tears were overflowing and HE whispered to me, “Don’t cry, its okay. I’m here for you.” Finally, I was getting ready.

Approaching 45, search no more, the wounds have healed, my heart is receptive and I am ready to love. I mean the give it all you’ve got, this is who I am, don’t try to change me, are you ready for this, kind of love?

Yes, I am ready!