From North Beach To Japan



It's Autumn and has been for a while now. I don't know what season of life you're in but I'm in the season of leaves. 

Leaving and following...
Leaving and becoming... 
Leaving and discovering...
Leaving and growing...
Leaving and being amazed!

I'm in the midst of Autumn and I'm completely tuned in to His voice which is continually whispering that I need to keep my "spiritual" eyes and ears open because sometime in the near future, I'll be leaving...

Truly Living

Resist the world and flee to God.
Resist the world and repent to God.
Resist the world and trust God.
Resist the world and believe God.
Resist the world and obey God.
Resist the world and submit to God.
Resist the world and rest in God.
Resist the world and try God.
Resist the world and let God love you!
Resist the world, hell is for real.
Resist the world and spend eternity with God.


There are many barriers between His Sovereignty and our obedience.

To name a few: Pride, doubt, fear, trust, having to wait, and comparison.

In those moments of uncertainty, pause and give your undivided attention to nature.

The seasons all have order. As the God we serve is not a God of chaos. He is good and His intentions are good.

The waves listen to Him. The sunset cannot just rise whenever it wants to.

The moon is on God's timetable. The stars come out as He calls them by name, one by one.

Snowflakes and raindrops are at His command alone. The grass, trees and flowers transform according to His will.

The rainbow isn't happenstance.

Even the animals trust that the God of heaven and earth will feed them.

Why can't we simply take Him at His Word?

The Way You Love Me

When I am busy You are with me
When I am still You are with me
When I am hungry You are with me
When I am thirsty You are with me
When I am uncertain You are with me
When I am confident You are with me
When I am exhausted You are with me
When I am refreshed You are with me
When I am anxious You are with me
When I am at peace You are with me
When I am sad You are with me
When I am glad You are with me
When I am creative You are with me
When I am feeling blah You are with me
When I have no words You are with me
When I speak boldly You are with me
You have promised to never leave me
Yes, I love the way You love me

(Joshua 1:9)


It is very possible to have
Something so very special
So tender to your heart
So passionate beyond words
So breathtaking yet so subtle 
To have something so precious 
So beautiful beyond nature
Unexplainable to man
Something that takes very
Little effort to maintain 
Yet it flourishes day by day
But then having to release it
To surrender completely 
With both palms extended  
And walk in the opposite direction 
To go forward in faith with
No expectations whatsoever 
Living, breathing, smiling, dancing
To rejoice in the midst of tears
To sing, to praise, to pray
And then one day, by HIS grace alone
One sweet unexpected spring day
That very thing quietly reappears

Easily Explainable

I write poetry because very little effort is needed on my part

I have no desire whatsoever to explain myself to anyone

I am transported to another place and completely unaware of my surroundings

The voices and opinions of others is of no significance to me

Something deep within my soul comes to surface one word at a time

Longing to feel accepted, loved, or valued, quietly begins to fade

The Spirit guides the pen and I become one with my thoughts

In the end, another piece of myself is released into the universe

And I am more freer today than I was yesterday 


He called me out of darkness He blotted out my shame
He counts each star and He calls them by name
For 42 years I had lived on this earth 
In "2008" He gave me a new birth
He brought me out into a spacious place 
He equips His saints to finish the race
He has shown me a love that I have never known
On May 20th of this year He left His throne
He has shown me repeatedly that I'm precious in His sight
He's promised to protect me with all His might
He holds my life in the palm of His hands 
He tells me in "Jeremiah" that He has a plan 
Trust me my beloved I know what is best 
Just walk with Me and I'll do the rest
I am the Vine you are the branch 
If you let go of My hand you don't stand a chance 
The road is not easy and is filled with despair 
But My peace and My joy will meet you there 
When you take your last breath you will be with Me
Fear nothing My child 
I have promised you eternity 

(My Lord, You still inspire me!)


Although this life's journey is fleeting, I do not feel as though we are wasting time by being apart. We know love and we knew love.  His will is the bridge toward love. And if we are unable to renew love, it does not erase our past love. We are not waiting on love and we are not longing for love. I believe deep in my heart that we are simply anticipating love. So, until we are able to physically give love and mutually receive love, we will continue to spiritually express love, through His Son.

A Perfect Union

I was not lost nor was I in least not according to me. However, I was deeply desiring love, a true unconditional, steadfast and longstanding love.  

In walked Jesus as bright as the morning sun-rays. He gently took hold of my hand and invited me to take a walk. 

We took a journey backwards through my sin-filled past and He gave me a panoramic view of where I was, who I was with, what I had said and all that I had done. 

He didn't speak in a condemning voice when He said, "I was there." 

He wanted to ensure me that He'd seen everything that I had done and He wanted me to know that it all was forgiven. Completely forgiven. 

He wanted me to be certain of that as we were about to journey forward, knowing undoubtly that none of that stuff would be held against me. 

And here we are...


I will continually rejoice loudly, boldly, passionately, enthusiastically, authentically, joyfully, youthfully, unashamedly, gratefully, humbly, brightly, silently, and eternally #because I remember my chains!

Galatians 5:17

My flesh wants to stay inside, all day...everyday

Well, maybe go out for an occasional breath of fresh air

But then again, I can open a window for that and if I position it just right, the sun has permission to rest on my skin

My flesh wants to eat all of my favorite foods, drink lots of coffee-with cream and a really cold pepsi here and there

My flesh is completely comfortable wrapped in pjs's, glued in front of the tv watching every episode of The Golden Girls and then any show about law enforcement

My flesh can read the bible...any version and then alternate between devotionals, write in my journals, pen poetry and never tire

My flesh can lazily throw items of clothing about in every single room and step over shoes as I walk about the house

My flesh can sleep in, nap throughout the day and then stay up till 3:00 am as if it's perfectly normal

My flesh can text, send out e-mails, update my blog and linger on Facebook without any human contact whatsoever

My thoughts....let's not even go there----->yuckie...

My flesh is consistent...wicked and selfish

However, my spirit is quite the opposite

My spirit longs to go deeper with You, in daily need of constant replenishing
My spirit has a heart for the weary, wanting to share my hope in Your return

My spirit cares deeply for the elderly, knowing that You've entrusted them to me

My spirit wants to bless the unfortunate, because I'm compelled to pay it forward

My spirit prays for marriages, the three strand cord not easily broken

My spirit serves with enthusiasm, like an eight-year old unable to sit still

My spirit boasts of Your goodness, all day long to anyone's who'll listen

My spirit delights in fellowship, an answer to my childhood abandonment

My spirit lives to worship You, arms raised and palms extended heaven bound

My spirit sings praises loudly... passionately, tearfully, repeatedly

My spirit is content in the waiting, having all that I never knew I wanted

My spirit ever so confident that I am Your heart's desire and I could never disappoint You

My spirit is humble, I truly adore You

God Is Still...

Syrian refugees are still growing in enormous proportions
Christians across the globe and still being persecuted
Suicide bombers are still plotting attacks
Illegal weapons are still in the hands of our enemies
Human trafficking is still greatly overlooked
Abortions are still occurring several times a day
Domestic Violence still isn't taken seriously
Today's youth still haven't a clue about moral issues
Drugs, sex and alcohol still sounds like a hip slogan
Many still put way too much trust in the government
Marriage is still the best thing since sliced bread
Love is still the answer
The bible is still the bestselling book ever
Jesus is still the way, the truth and the life
You can still receive forgiveness for your sins
And God is still in control and sitting on His throne


“Submit to God’s royal son, or he will become angry, and you will be destroyed in the midst of all your activities— for his anger flares up in an instant. But what joy for all who take refuge in him!”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭2:12‬ ‭NLT‬‬

True Obedience

I would rather have two scoops of chocolate almond ice cream spilling over the side of a sugar cone...

I would rather have ice cold milk and a second serving of my favorite bowl of cereal...

I would rather have Maryland's best jumbo lump crab-cake with sweet potato fries...

I would rather have a great book and a yummy cup of hot coffee with just the right amount of cream...

I would rather have 85° in the middle of summer, on the beach with the sun pressing against my skin...

I would rather have a cold winter sitting in my ginormous bed, wrapped in pj's and my favorite orange socks...

I would rather be alone with endless blank pages and just as many ink pens while editing my unpublished poetry...

I would rather have a quiet still moment sitting by the window, gazing up at the clouds then to make love to someone who is not my husband...

Reality Haiku

Spiritually he is here
Physically he is there
Emotionally I am afraid

Love Haiku

when i think of love
it's closer than i'd like it to be
but i'm willing to meet in the middle

when i think of love
i will not manipulate but
this time i will surrender completely

when i think of love
i will seek to please God first
and then my mate

Transitioning 2

I may sound strange but
I feel so loved
I feel so treasured
I feel so precious
I feel so beautiful
I feel so smart
I feel so courageous
And I feel so confident
However, I cannot remember
the last time that I felt sexy...

Transitioning 1

I have come to the realization that I was forced to participate in life and now I have the complete freedom to withdraw.

My Redeemer

“Beautiful words stir my heart. I will recite a lovely poem about the king, for my tongue is like the pen of a skillful poet.”
Psalms 45:1 NLT

Oh how I love Thee
I'm nothing without Thee
I cannot breathe without Thee
My thoughts ramble without Thee
My motives are impure without Thee
I desire the world without Thee
I hide in shame without Thee
I long to run away without Thee
My flesh rises up without Thee
I would not share without Thee
I would not care without Thee
I would be in despair without Thee
My heart rebels without Thee
Headed straight to hell without Thee
I desperately need Thee
Oh how I love Thee

Right Now...

I am so unbelievably content
I'm overweight and I don't feel like exercising
My hair is a mess and I'm not sure what to do with it
I hate to iron and haven't dressed up in quite sometime
I thought I'd learn to cook by now but not so
I don't want to share my bed with anyone
I do not miss making love in the least
I'm so not ready to compromise
And I love when the TV is off
I love that I'm still single
I love coming and going at my leisure
I love wearing pjs
And I absolutely love paying for one
I love my friendships
I love not having to seek approval
I love being me
And I love lazy days
I am so content
I lack nothing
Have no hidden desires
And Jesus is enough

Still God

In the mist of this chaos that we call life and world that we live in, the one in which the enemy believes that he has victory...

It still has its beauties and its moments of bliss.

Because you are God, the sky still hangs high above and the earth still sustains us here below.

The sunset still makes an appearance, and the moon still shines to light the way during the darkness of night.

And stars still sparkle one by one, as you have named them before you even created human beings.

Yes, You are still God...

Steadfast Devotion

I have never made a wise choice or a conscious choice when choosing a mate. 

I've learned a lot about myself since my husband left and since my salvation. 

Spiritually, I'm maturing more and more with each day. Wisdom is now a very good friend of mine.

I have yet to meet a man and hear the Spirit of God say, "Denise, this is the one."

Until such time, Lord, I will remain steadfast...devoted to You alone.

Minus The Butterfly

Looking back
It was
-->And now...
It's over...

Love Haiku

When I think of love
I look up to the sky
His passion astounds me

When I think of love
I look out to sea
His waves seduce me

When I think of love
I feel the gentle breeze
His touch invites me

When I think of love
I look to His Word
His promises comfort me

When I think of love
I listen for His voice
His tenderness overwhelms me

When I think of Love
My Jesus always comes to mind

In The Arms of My Father

At 51 years of age, I am not in shape, so to speak. As much as I want to be and as many times as I have promised my self, I just don't take the initiative. I don't exercise nor do I watch what I eat. I love chocolate and I love coffee with lots of cream. I get short winded going up just three flights of stairs. I need a nap at the end of each work day and I get exhausted when I'm forced to stay up past my curfew. I tend to get a sad face when the elevator is broken and when I don't get a parking space "up front."  However, when I see a rainbow, I get a burst of energy and run to Jesus like a little girl.  Yep, I'm not in any way, shape or form physically fit, but if I see a rainbow, it comes so naturally for me to run into the arms of my Father!

Being Vulnerable

As the leaves are gently falling to the ground, I am amazed at how vulnerable they are.  I was once an orange leaf.  I know what it's like to be vulnerable.  To do something completely opposite of what seems safe. It takes courage to let go.  It takes a big heart to detach from something comfortable, something familiar and to embrace something completely new.  I see the leaves undressing and willing to be naked, regardless of their size.  I see the leaves making choices, tough ones.  I see the leaves leaving old friendships that were once draining and often negative.  I see the leaves being fearful but willing to put one step in front of the other.  I see the leaves moving ahead in faith even when no one else is.  I see the leaves trusting in something bigger than themselves.  I see the leaves slowly surrendering control.  I see the leaves shedding all that was dead and willing to become new.  I see the leaves admitting that life is not perfect but life is a gift.  I see the leaves saying, "Yes!"  I see the leaves changing, growing, believing, revealing and rejoicing.  I see the leaves transforming and #wow.....look at GOD.  So faithful to keep His word.  For everything there is a season.  In this season, let's be a leaf. Dare to let go...begin go of the old and putting on the new.  Yeah...let's be a leaf!

A Friend

The Monarch found me. Yes she did. Over 10 hours away from home and more than 650 miles by car. I sit here on day four of my Jesus experience and she appears. Just as beautiful and graceful as ever. Fluttering gently by in the midst of my day. She found me. Yes she did. What a friend indeed.

(August 6th at Life Action Camp)


Many across the world do not have: Hand sanitizer Chap stick mouth wash Q-tips lip gloss perfume pocketbooks TVs remote controls DVDs cell phones jewelry shampoo body gel tooth picks butterfly ornaments Bibles highlighters magic markers crayons post it notes journals balloons laptops printers cameras cotton candy funnel cake brownies slippers sheets cotton balls Hair color hangers bras PJs books stickers jewelry box candles birthday cake photographs Wall art church bulletins cd players iTunes hats bubblegum Pepsi's flip-flops bathing suits dental floss toothbrush hair comb mirror eyeglasses sun shades luggage basketball jump rope coloring book lawn chair sun-screen make up barrettes apron tennis shoes measuring cup coffee pot coffee creamer brown sugar grocery carts medication Sushi a choice of where to eat movie theaters automobile mailbox stuffed animals blankets furniture herbal tea yellow roses picture frame photo album greeting cards toys roller skates kite goldfish puppy kitty cat a best friend a reason to smile hope or Jesus!

True Romance


How romantic is this?!?!

Show me Thy glory, I pray Thee, that I may know Thee indeed. Begin in mercy a new work of love within me. Say to my soul, "Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. Then give me grace to rise up and follow Thee"

-A. W. Tozer

Mornings With You

awake confident yet amazed that not only am I still Yours but that You are still with me.

I listen for the sounds of morning as I slowly ascend from my pillow hoping to hear You whisper my name.

I cautiously roll onto the floor, allowing my sleepy frame to fall at the foot of my bed. The place where You and I become one.

I pour out my longings to You seeking wisdom, comfort, guidance and affection. Wanting to stay hidden in the shadow of Your wings.

I somewhat dread the notion that I have to erect myself from our union and make preparations for the mission ahead.

I know that I do not go alone. I know that Your Spirit goes with me. I know that I am equipped and I know that Your favor will protect me.

But still, there is a secret part of me that longs to stay within the confines of our closely knitted relationship where no one else exist.

Longing to stay intertwined in my mornings with You and not have to participate in the life laid out before me.

I know that You orchestrated my days and predestine my future before time began. Knowing that full well, I embrace each moment as You and I greet them hand in hand.