National Poetry Month

Good morning to all
April is National Poetry Month
I'm going to try and commit to a
poem a day. I will not post one a day
but I will be ------- obsessively!

"Let the writing begin....."

Love, peace and creative juices!

Here are a few of my favorites...

I crave you

I want to make love to you
to be held, kissed and caressed

I want to lay naked next to you
and submit completely

I don't want to think or talk
I just want to be...

I want the love and forbidden
passion to spill over into morning

I want to be transported to a place
where nothing and no one exist

And upon our return to reality
I will just say goodbye

I am...

I am lost and I am found
I am physically exhausted

but mentally empowered
I am free of my past

and embracing the future
I am letting go of the clutter

but holding tight to the memories
I am rediscovering my inner child

while growing into womanhood
I am writing my own song

with the guidance of my soul
I am no longer the understudy

I am finally on center stage!