What the .....

He called to say that he was just around the corner and that he had something for me. The call caught me totally off guard. I had just finished my meeting and the to-do list was longer than the pencil I’d used to write it with. I was a little agitated that he was so close but anxious at the same time. I was so hoping that what he had would not draw any attention to me, while a small part of me hoped that it was something so extravagant that everyone would be like, “WOW, who gave you that?”

As I calmly walked to his car and pretended to smile, he glanced up at me looking so damn fine. I was so hoping that he could not hear my heart pounding or smell my feminine juices so close to his passenger door. I guess the look on my face was disturbing because he asked if I was OK. I faked it and said, “Yes, I’m just hungry.” No he didn’t ask what did I have a taste for.

I skipped the subject and reached in and took hold of the large blue bag which clearly had my name written on it. I didn’t want to appear eager so I just took hold of it and said, "Thank you." He indicated that there was also a card inside but asked if I could wait until I got home to read it.

He gave me a half smile and said that he had to go. Don't ask why, but I stood there and watched the car drive off wishing I was going with him. As I walked into the building, the suspense was killing me. The bag was so heavy; I immediately went into the ladies room and opened it. Much to my surprise, for lack of better words, it was filled with everything I’d ever given him along with a note saying, goodbye. I must have stayed in the stall for what felt like hours sobbing, wondering, "What in the hell just happened?"