Not Shakespeare...

To be or not to be...

When I was a little girl, no one
ever asked me what I wanted to be.

I never wanted to be a teen mom
I never wanted to be someone's girl
I never fantasized about being a bride
I always envisioned I'd become a journalist
I often wished I had joined the Marines
It was never my desire to be in control
I never wanted to suppress my true feelings
I've always wanted to be a good friend
I never knew that I would become a leader
It was never my goal to over achieve
I never wanted to be driven by fear
I never imagined that I'd write short stories
I only day dreamed about being a cop
I'd always long to be loved unconditionally

Who or what do I want to be?

I never knew what I wanted to be.
Deep down inside HE was calling out to me,
to be what HE created me to be, a follower of
his son, Jesus Christ!