Remember way back when?

Remember when you were little
all things appeared new and amazing

Remember when you were little
dreams were exciting and possible

Remember when you were little
the imagination seemed endless

Remember when you were little
nothing mattered but the moment

and then came adulthood -
hurt, disappointments, bills

kids, marriage, maybe divorce and
oftentimes the monotony of life...

Well guess what 
You hold the power to go
back there again

Go back and get your dreams
and dare to make one come true

I finally did - I became a published author!

Please go to one of the below
links to purchase a copy.  It holds
some poetry from this blog but
lots of new stuff too!

I pray that you enjoy it and begin
to to dream again!

All by God's Grace and all by
surrendering to His calling!

With lots of love and prayers,
Free Spirit Butterfly