His Presence is Near

The quiet morning whispers
wake up my child and go
see what I've prepared for you

I slowly turn towards the
edge of the bed and make
my way to the window

Half asleep and slightly
off balance, I begin to
gain my composure

And just as if I'd never
seen one before, another
amazing sun gift of love

In my cozy little bed
He simultaneously wraps
me in His love while

Painting the sky in an
array of amazing images
that only one could appreciate

If they in fact know who He
is and has a relationship with
Him unlike one else on earth

In my humble flesh, I cry and
express my deepest gratitude
with one praise after another

He gently smiles at me
acknowledging that He is
pleased that someone

Not only knows Him, but
loves Him enough to be
in the midst of His greatness

And knowing without a doubt
that MAN could not have
done such a magnificent thing

That His greatest pleasure
is for His children to feel His
presence and know that He is near

Photograph taken on November 26, 2011