it was a day like any other
i'd had a long exhausting day
at the office

longing to come to an end
to get home to my safe place
my little piece of heaven

i was so looking forward to
my tradition of a candle
light dinner for one

my lukewarm red wine
and my favorite cop show
with its season finale

after taking my lavender
bubble bath and slipping
into my silky unmentionables

i was starting to relax
starting to exhale and
starting to say grace

then without absolutely
no notice and no prior
warnings whatsoever

LOVE appeared
it showed up and
rang my doorbell

i tiptoed to the peephole
looked it eye to eye
and held my breath

i made my way to the remote
turned down the television
and blew out the candles

i just stood there in silence
afraid to move and afraid to breathe
so hoping that it would go away