We cannot change the past.
We can only hold on to it.
But in doing so, how could
we make room for something new?

Something completely different
and something better than
we ever imagined and never
thought possible.

Something unexpected.
Something magical and
something so amazing.

Can't you just see it?
Close your eyes for
a moment and imagine it.

Feel how close it is and
how it covers you in joy.
Now you've completely
forgotten the thing you
once held so tightly.

Writing has helped me
to discover and explore
my authentic self.

To love her and embrace her.
To open my tightly closed fist
and release the past...all of it.

To dream, imagine, sing and dance.
To live and love like I've never
done before.

But mainly, to trust in myself and 
to ultimately trust in him.

Accepting that I am beautiful
talented, loving and unique.

Accepting that his will for me
is truly what's best for me.

Accepting that when the timing
is right, my King will waltz
into my life and behold his Queen.

Patience is truly my virtue.