Not So Easy

finding someone for now is easy
a piece of cake
I say

however the challenge of
finding someone for a lifetime
now that’s going to be difficult

i’ve done the easy thing
time and time again
and it simply didn’t work for me

the recovery process took such
a toll on my heart and my health

years of journaling and discovering
along with much needed alone time
has provided profound clarity

i truly believe that if i remain patient
the difficult thing is going to reap
rewards much more gratifying over time

the long term effects will be much
more pleasing to my soul and spirit
without having to suppress who i am

my fractured heart has been repaired
and with grace and forgiveness
the rhythm has since returned to normal

not to say that it won’t skip a beat
every now and again but it surely
won’t beat sadly from brokenness

difficult is indeed going to be a
challenge for me but now that
i’ve become a woman i think
it’s time i did the difficult thing