What We Hunger For

you're searching for something
i know you are
i can see it in your eyes

i was once you
trust me i've been there

drained and exhausted
hopeless and weary

a false sense of control
looking good on the exterior

longing to be alone to let
the truth self catch breath

unable to reach out
because my pride came first

my hunger is that you will
surrender just as i did

he called out to me
and i answered him
not right away

but eventually i
began to trust him
to believe in him

knowing he wants only
the very best for me

his motives are clear
and his love is pure

he took over my burdens
my cares and my life

i'm flying high with the wings
that are attached to my dreams

my cravings have subsided and
my thirst has been quenched

exhaling never felt so good