A Simple Girl

I am just a simple girl
I love to write and have much to say
I never wanted to be Nikki or Langston
Not even Walt or Cummings...

I mostly write about my life
The experiences and the ugly truth
I have tried to camouflage it but
anyone who knows me...knows it's me

I tried to mimic other poets
I tried to make things rhyme
I tried to dig deeper and deeper
I even tried to seek approval

None of that worked for me
People who knew me
applauded me when I published
my very first book

I was overwhelmed and humbled
I was just being honest and authentic
Being that person, the real me -
Wow...people actually like her

A fan even said that I reminded
him of Nikki...I smiled wide as I
thought he was just being polite

He was referring more so to my looks
than my writing style
Either way, it boosted my confidence

I'm a simply girl who likes to write
and have much to say

So stay tuned...