my hair is so grey that i'm tempted to shave it down to the roots and be done with it

my love handles have surpassed the point of no return

my hips get bigger and bigger with each passing croissant

my memory can't hold my thoughts of yesterday let alone
how many sugars i take in my coffee

i cannot read the directions on my microwave lunch without my glasses


a love life is as distant as my dreams to travel from North Beach to Israel on my 50th Birthday


my smile is so wide and so constant that people have nicknamed me “sunshine”

my joy travels from my head to my toes and no one in the flesh can steal if from me...not even if they had a loaded 9mm

my faith has surpassed anything i ever thought possible and all i had to do was place my trust, my control and my heart into the hands of the Most High

with all that being said…

like the Apostle Paul, i have never felt such peace and such contentment

it's true: there is "freedom" in Christ