Sweet Wet Kisses

as grown folks
oftentimes we just don't get it
we are so busy and distracted
we are irritated and rude
we let life's messes cloud our vision
we get frustrated and ungrateful
disgusted my the least little thing

for instance...
when it snows in spring...
yes it's spring and there are
no butterflies and no sunny skies
but this too, shall indeed pass

we forget that this life and the
weather is surely not about us
it is not something we can control
for that matter, we control very little

so get over the fact that it's snowing
in spring and that the traffic will be
a nightmare and the roads will be
slushy, wet and oh so slick

slow down and embrace the beauty
better yet, as you're walking to your
car tilt your head back and look up
to the sky...let the sweet wet kisses
gently fall to your face and see the
tiny white crystals as endless kisses
from your Father

go ahead...be a kid again