The Way That He Loves Me

when i think about him, i smile so wide
the way he cares for me...unlike anyone before
constantly checking on me and within my reach
always whispering sweetly in my ear

wiping away my tears before they reach the pillow
listening to my every thought no matter how boring
no matter how repetitive or unimportant
hearing me clearly without any misunderstanding

the way that he truly prepares my way and
wanting the best life for me as if i'm his only concern
the way that he never judges and never places blame
he just accepts my mistakes and together we grow
in love and into a deeper intimate level of oneness

his presence is something that comforts me in a way
that simply cannot compare to any lover from my past
his love is my fuel, my source and my strength

it has helped me in ways that have shaped and molded
mended and completed my very existence and
to be honest, the way that he loves me is exactly what
i've longed for only i did not know it until i received it

My Lord, I love you too!