Book Cover #2 "So Cool"

Below is what appears on my Second Self Published Book.  By His Grace and His Grace Alone was I able to publish 2 books.  I'm always working on something...

Note:  The third one is going to be less stress and more fun :-)

~Book 1 Poetry and words in no particular order
~Book 2 Poetry and anthology of everyday emotions

"This book is not solely about friendship.  It is in part about life's journey and the many paths we cross, touching one soul after another-seasonally, relationally or spiritually.  And I wanted to give just a few, the opportunity to share their thoughts with the universe.  In our individual flesh we can oftentimes "feel" alone.  We are not alone.  We all share a common bond...emotions.  Somewhere-someone out there...another soul has felt something similar.

I used to claim that my only friend was "the pen."  But over the years, as I continually expressed myself through writing, I felt compelled to make my emotions public.  I began blogging and putting my truest self in print.  Little did I know...the Spirit was leading me all along.

Writing has helped to heal my broken and secret places.  It replaced them with wholeness, forgiveness and love.  The Father has blessed me with many gifts, but the one of writing is something that I simply cannot contain.  His had guides me and I trust Him.  After all, He is my best friend."