Book Cover #1 "So Cool"

Below is what appears on the back cover of my first book.  Poetry and Prose.  I am living out my dreams and I thought that publishing a book would be the highlight of my dreams.  It's so cool, but serving the Lord is my heart's desire.  All the proceeds are donated to the hungry and homeless.

"About the author I am passionate about writing. I am a mother of two beautiful children and two granddaughters, all who know and love God. I have been blessed beyond measure with the love of family and friends. But most importantly, I have been forgiven for my sins.

These are my words, thoughts and emotions. I am compelled to write something, anything, and everything; not to offend you, but to free me. Growing up in the Suburbs of Maryland, my life was somewhat sheltered. Writing was my outlet and unknown to me at the time, but a passion that would not die. Looking back, the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly STILL amazes me and the fact that I had absolutely no control over it confirms that HIS grace is indeed sufficient."