I Call Her Friend

She has a way of getting my attention like no one else. She gives off this electrifying energy and passion that spills over without even realizing it. And the sight of her always catches me by surprise which makes her visits all the more memorable.

I cannot plan to see her, but her friends are accessible with little to no notice at all. She, on the other hand, has a schedule that often conflicts with mine, and just when I realize that I hadn't seen her in a while, she appears.

It thrills my heart when she comes to my place of work. Boy, do I need her there. I often wished that she could stay longer and get to know some of my friends, but her schedule is not one that can be written in ink. It is surely subject to change at a moments notice.

How awesome that God knows my biggest to the smallest pleasures and joys in life. And to think that he would bring such a sweet creature into my line of vision and allow me to connect in a way that I've rarely done with anyone else in the Universe.

Bonding with her on a personal level, helped me to open up to others and share apart of myself that I would not have normally done, had I not met her. You know her as the MONARCH, but I call her friend.