I'm His Heart's Desire

Haiku #1
early morning grace
darkness fades and light appears
undeserving me

Haiku #2
when i think of you
you protect my sleeping flesh
all throughout the night

Haiku #3
early morning grace
that thin line that separates
his gift to me

Haiku #4
you remind me of
a lover i never knew
fantasy come true

Haiku #5
his sun-gift to me
something planned so long ago
quiet tears falling

Haiku #6
he delights in me
even when i disobey
he delights in me

Haiku #7
as i am praying
my wants begin to quiet
and his will takes form

Haiku #8
he truly knows me
if i never spoke again
he can hear my heart

Haiku #9
all of a sudden
an outpouring of tears-and then
a peace settles in

Haiku #10
my yestermorning
lingering thoughts of you
i'm still daydreaming

Haiku #11
when I think of love
he died for me on the cross
now I live for Him

Haiku #12
peace, be still my child
"yes, i hear you lord but i..."
listen to your dad

*he is a consuming fire
and i am his heart's desire*