I'm not giving up....

my goal was to write a poem a day
in honor of national poetry month

yes those were my intentions

as life would have it
i cannot keep up the momentum

i had some medical issues and
my mind was not completely focused

and i am in the process of packing
as he has answered another prayer

i'm still so amazed and overwhelmed
at his undeniable favor upon my life

he continually shows me that
i am indeed the apple of his eye

my life shines as bright as the sun
and my heart spills over with gratitude

i have put all of my trust in him
as i long to see him face to face

not just to say a thank you or
to weep and bow in adoration

not because the test results came
back negative for cancer

and not because he allows me
to live out my dreams on the water

not because he saved my children
and my granddaughters

and not because he is a faithful
companion who meets my every need

i simple want to thank him for loving
me and keeping every written promise

yes just a simple thank you for
being a God who cares for me

*Last Poem For National Poetry Month #14