Without You

i can be selfish and full of pride
i can be lazy and oftentimes moody
i can be greedy and not knowing
when to say when
i can be isolated and not wanting
to participate in this life
i can be stubborn and not wanting
to budge or compromise
i can be envious and full of hatred
i can be the green eyed monster
pretending to smile
i can be mean and hold a grudge
i can be a score keeper remembering
all those who did me wrong
i can be a hoarder having way
more than i need or deserve
i can be boastful and see nothing
wrong with it whatsoever
i can be annoying as if my way
is the only way
i can be controlling and the
queen of dictatorship
i can be afraid until it becomes
crippling or paralyzing
i can be overly anxious and unable
to calm myself
i can be deceitful and oh so subtle
i can be so many things that
the world wouldn't notice
but without you i would not
stand out
i would not want to change
i would not have a purpose
i would not have a smile
i would not have a dream
i would not have a spark
without you i would not
feel loved and accepted just as i am
i never ever want to be without you