Thank You

A simple thank you
Yes, I can say with my mouth...

Because If I were to write down all that you've done for me, my hand would go limp.

If I were to cry out in humble adoration with all that you've blessed me with, my voice would cease to exist.

If I were to connect my heart to a monitor in order for you to hear the gratitude that continuously beats for you, the sound would be deafening.

If I were to stare up to the heavens and gaze upon your glory hoping that you could somehow see an undeserving soul that adores you, my eyelids would collapse.

If I were to bend my knees and bow while reciting endless praises of thanksgiving, I would go completely numb and tumble over.

So My Lord, today, I say a simple but profound, "Thank you for all you done."

I love you!