Mornings With You

awake confident yet amazed that not only am I still Yours but that You are still with me.

I listen for the sounds of morning as I slowly ascend from my pillow hoping to hear You whisper my name.

I cautiously roll onto the floor, allowing my sleepy frame to fall at the foot of my bed. The place where You and I become one.

I pour out my longings to You seeking wisdom, comfort, guidance and affection. Wanting to stay hidden in the shadow of Your wings.

I somewhat dread the notion that I have to erect myself from our union and make preparations for the mission ahead.

I know that I do not go alone. I know that Your Spirit goes with me. I know that I am equipped and I know that Your favor will protect me.

But still, there is a secret part of me that longs to stay within the confines of our closely knitted relationship where no one else exist.

Longing to stay intertwined in my mornings with You and not have to participate in the life laid out before me.

I know that You orchestrated my days and predestine my future before time began. Knowing that full well, I embrace each moment as You and I greet them hand in hand.