Many across the world do not have: Hand sanitizer Chap stick mouth wash Q-tips lip gloss perfume pocketbooks TVs remote controls DVDs cell phones jewelry shampoo body gel tooth picks butterfly ornaments Bibles highlighters magic markers crayons post it notes journals balloons laptops printers cameras cotton candy funnel cake brownies slippers sheets cotton balls Hair color hangers bras PJs books stickers jewelry box candles birthday cake photographs Wall art church bulletins cd players iTunes hats bubblegum Pepsi's flip-flops bathing suits dental floss toothbrush hair comb mirror eyeglasses sun shades luggage basketball jump rope coloring book lawn chair sun-screen make up barrettes apron tennis shoes measuring cup coffee pot coffee creamer brown sugar grocery carts medication Sushi a choice of where to eat movie theaters automobile mailbox stuffed animals blankets furniture herbal tea yellow roses picture frame photo album greeting cards toys roller skates kite goldfish puppy kitty cat a best friend a reason to smile hope or Jesus!