Galatians 5:17

My flesh wants to stay inside, all day...everyday

Well, maybe go out for an occasional breath of fresh air

But then again, I can open a window for that and if I position it just right, the sun has permission to rest on my skin

My flesh wants to eat all of my favorite foods, drink lots of coffee-with cream and a really cold pepsi here and there

My flesh is completely comfortable wrapped in pjs's, glued in front of the tv watching every episode of The Golden Girls and then any show about law enforcement

My flesh can read the bible...any version and then alternate between devotionals, write in my journals, pen poetry and never tire

My flesh can lazily throw items of clothing about in every single room and step over shoes as I walk about the house

My flesh can sleep in, nap throughout the day and then stay up till 3:00 am as if it's perfectly normal

My flesh can text, send out e-mails, update my blog and linger on Facebook without any human contact whatsoever

My thoughts....let's not even go there----->yuckie...

My flesh is consistent...wicked and selfish

However, my spirit is quite the opposite

My spirit longs to go deeper with You, in daily need of constant replenishing
My spirit has a heart for the weary, wanting to share my hope in Your return

My spirit cares deeply for the elderly, knowing that You've entrusted them to me

My spirit wants to bless the unfortunate, because I'm compelled to pay it forward

My spirit prays for marriages, the three strand cord not easily broken

My spirit serves with enthusiasm, like an eight-year old unable to sit still

My spirit boasts of Your goodness, all day long to anyone's who'll listen

My spirit delights in fellowship, an answer to my childhood abandonment

My spirit lives to worship You, arms raised and palms extended heaven bound

My spirit sings praises loudly... passionately, tearfully, repeatedly

My spirit is content in the waiting, having all that I never knew I wanted

My spirit ever so confident that I am Your heart's desire and I could never disappoint You

My spirit is humble, I truly adore You