A Perfect Union

I was not lost nor was I in darkness....at least not according to me. However, I was deeply desiring love, a true unconditional, steadfast and longstanding love.  

In walked Jesus as bright as the morning sun-rays. He gently took hold of my hand and invited me to take a walk. 

We took a journey backwards through my sin-filled past and He gave me a panoramic view of where I was, who I was with, what I had said and all that I had done. 

He didn't speak in a condemning voice when He said, "I was there." 

He wanted to ensure me that He'd seen everything that I had done and He wanted me to know that it all was forgiven. Completely forgiven. 

He wanted me to be certain of that as we were about to journey forward, knowing undoubtly that none of that stuff would be held against me. 

And here we are...