The meaning of colors

ORANGE is bright and round like the sun that hangs in the east on my way to work. It makes me feel thankful. Thankful that I am employed even though I wish I could some day quit my job.

WHITE is pure, soft and fluffy like the clouds above. It gives me a feeling of warmth and safety like the smell of downy fabric softener on my bed sheets and the down comforter that I use to tuck myself in at night.

RED is so sexy and bold. It screams, "look at me." Oh how I’d love to wear it just once and not for Valentine’s Day. But I'm too afraid people would stare and judge me. How dare she…

BLACK makes me feel dependent… I need it in my life to camouflage my imperfections. The size and shape of my body, the stretch marks from childbirth. The hips from my ancestors. Oh and did I mention it’s also the color the puts me in the mood? I wouldn't dare make love with the lights on.

BROWN is my favorite… it smells of fresh baked brownies… The ones from Pillsbury that I claim are my own. Don’t forget the x-tra crushed walnuts on top, a secret passed down from my baby sister. Brown is one with me when Mother Nature invades my body.

(from my journal 6/05)