What shall I write???

I usually have no idea what I will say before I begin to write..
I think about my life and how boring it is.. a mother and wife
How could that possible fill up a page or two?

I think about the places I have been, Ocean City, Miami Beach,
Nassau Bahamas, Cancun Mexico, Vegas - Big deal...

I think about my so-called exciting career in law enforcement
Where it’s 99% where’s a cop when you need one? And 1% police
officer killed in the line of duty...

I think about my childhood and not having my parents around
then the words begin to flow… their divorce, the separation from
my sisters, the changing schools and leaving my friends.
Not to mention the therapy...

The thoughts of happily ever after being a claim to fame for
Cinderella but certainly not for me, at least not in this lifetime.

I can write for pages and pages about how unfair life has been to me
and how loneliness can be a girl’s best friend. And just when you
thought it was getting to be a tear jerker, I can twist it around and
write about how I have had enough and decided not to play the
victim anymore!

How turning forty was the best birthday I have ever had.
I call it a revelation, “I’m forty, free & in control of my destiny”

(a page from my writer's journal in 2005)