When the Lord moves me...

The seasons will still change according to his will
The birds will still sing sweetly in the trees
The sun will still rise at dawn, so bold and brightly
The butterflies will still flutter so free and full of wonder
The trees will still sway gently from side to side and repeat
The flowers will still bloom so beautifully, year after year
The clouds will still display their infamous silver lining
The wind will still blow invisibly throughout the universe
The rain drops will still fall diagonally against my window sill
The leaves will still change from green to yellow, orange and red
The first snow fall will still appear as pure as the day of birth
The lakes will still reflect the beauty of anything that comforts it
The rainbow will still be a reminder of God's promise to his children
The moon will still hang high in the sky, guiding me towards home
And if my heart still beats, I will continue to praise him.