With God's grace and mercy a new year unfolds. Resolve to resolve the resolutions and just live. Be in the moment. Aware of the earth and everything it holds. The moment when the clouds appear as pink as a rose and as soft as cotton. When the sun make its daily appearance as quiet and as gentle as a newborn sleeps. The moment when a bird sits perched on a nearby ledge unaware of your presence. When the raindrops are falling, replenishing our crops. When Spring flowers first bloom with no help from the human hand. When the Monarch flutters by in the midst of rush hour. When God whispers your name so sweet and lovingly. His promises revealed one after the other.

Be in the moment of a life so overflowing with blessings we often take them for granted. Be aware of the hungry, the sick, the hurting and the poverished. The death and destruction won't last for too long. Be in the moment when Jesus returns and takes hold of your hand. Eyes wide, heart pounding and tears flowing. Your journey on earth will all be worth it, if you live in the moment of worshiping our Lord.

sent w/love
free spirit butterfly