Mr. and Mrs.

Today there is a wedding
The one my soul adores
He is in the distance
I am center stage
I look so pretty
My smile is so amazing
I am so excited
I'm not nervous at all
There is JOY in the air
Family and friends arrive
I am wearing orange :-)
There are no shoes allowed
We are on the beach
The breeze is so incredible
No flowers, food or fuss
No music, makeup or mishaps
Just butterflies in a jar
As I begin walking toward my future
All eyes are on me
I've never felt happier
So certain that he's the one
I cannot see his face clearly
But I feel his love deeply
His imperfections and my insecurities fade
with each step that I take in his direction
When I reach the alter
I look at my groom and our eyes lock
I can hear my Father's voice as the question is asked:
"Who gives this woman to this man?"
He promised me that if I waited for Him
If I steadfastly obeyed Him…then I would be greatly blessed
There is applause as we seal our union with a first kiss
A teardrop escapes me
My God is faithful indeed