The Day

If today were the day – my last day
I would wake up with joy
Praying to my Father tearfully
Quietly…gratefully and humbly

Thanking Him for allowing me the chance…
For the opportunity to call on each family member
And each friendship...every significant spirit
that has crossed my life’s path

In short, using very little words
I would express my heartfelt love and appreciation
For all the laughter, every hug, every meal, every tear
Every smile, every secret and every meaningful thread
That Blended our souls together over the years

I would encourage them one last time
“Do not fear, for Our God is near”
And then, I would go to the beach with my bible
My journal, my pen and my Kleenex

And with my peace and my joy, I would sit in the sand
Listening to the waves and the sweet bird’s song
My last moments on earth would be spent reading His truth
while anticipating His return for me

 And at the ccompletion of my day
I would gently close my eyes
And wake up in Heaven