In Love...

so many people just don't get it, they simply don't get me
wanting to know why it is that i'm still single... 

i don't miss the being in-love...
or living together and sharing our space and our stuff

i don't miss the agreeing and disagreeing more than the agreeing
i don't miss the pretending to be "fine" just to get along 

i don't miss the having sex just to satisfy his desires
and me going through the "motions" without emotions 

i don't miss the family gatherings where all the drama
from the last gathering gets all stirred up again...

i don't miss the lack of quality time spent investing
in something that was "in the beginning"
so very important to the both of us

i don't miss the assumed role that the woman is supposed
to take and the lack of voluntary involvement on his part

i don't miss the guessing game of are you ok...
are we this what we really want
without either ever really asking up front

i want something different
something long standing and certain
something that will go beyond being in-love

i want the for better or for worse
for richer or for poorer
in sickness and in health
till death do us part

and when i say that...i don't mean the wedding
i mean the marriage part where the real work begins
and we honor our commitment to one another

we stand firm in that promise we made
we keep our word and we don't give up
because it is not about us, it is about God