Bad Timing

he came into her life
and gave her something
she never knew she wanted

they talked a lot in those
moments spent together
and when they didn't use words
their body language spoke volumes

he grew to know the deepest parts of her
he listened to her and when they didn't speak
he heard her heart songs

his confidence wasn't cocky
nor was his pride boastful
it wasn't an act and it
did not wear off over time

he was humble and patient
passionate and spontaneous
qualities that mattered to her

the way that they fit together
came so easy and so comfortable

if ever there were a such thing
as perfection
they exuded it in their
quiet and blissful love affair

the only with life
was the fact that the timing was off
and deep down inside they knew it

in another setting
perhaps in another season
she believed they could have been

well no...she's certain that
they would have surpassed
Cinderella and her so called
happily ever after