Free Flowing in 2014

Lord, there's something special in the air
something feels different about this year
i'm not sure what you have planned
but i am completely open and expecting

i am not going to live by the controlled
hand and calendar jotting down of my to-dos
this year i want to be free flowing and
guiding by your spirit alone

not that i wasn't before but i could still
feel the pulls of self and stubbornness
yes there were many times when it was
based on my feelings and my time

but this year my Lord i feel compelled
to be free flowing and to allow all that
you have prepared in advance for me to
come believing that i am fully equipped

and not fearing the outcome or the opinion
of others and not holding back in hopes
of pleasing and not offending

no none of that
i want to be fully free and fully expressive
of your spirit and your love and your grace

i want the fullness of joy that you promise
in your word and i do not want Satan to
rejoice over my shrinking back and my
feelings of inadequacy

my wings are oh so ready to take flight
and you my Lord will be seen bigger and
brighter in my life like never before

it's a brand new year and something
special is taking flight and her name
is free spirit butterfly also known as
your princess bride the one
whom Jesus loves