My Last Poem in 2013

I Welcome Mornings

My Lord it's you
You're why I greet each and every day

The reason why I anticipate a brand
New beginning

You are the first thought
My first breath

The dark skies give way
Gently, quietly and expectantly

You are the gift giver
The protector of my sleeping flesh

The stars have all faded
One by one into the clouds

You've carefully chosen your paint brush
And your unique color scheme

The bird's are rehearsing, rejoicing in song
And I am listening...eagerly awaiting

Your sun-gift, your promise
Your guidance, your presence

The goodness, the glory
The ginormous light

You burst through in the distance
And I stare in awe

I'm frozen in time as if it's new to my eyes
My heart stands still beholding a miracle

You are there-you were always there
And I begin to cry

I never noticed you before
I paid no attention whatsoever

Yet you don't hold that against me
You love me still and you greet me with another day

A brand new day
You My Lord

You are the very reason
I welcome mornings