My Love Language

God is smiling on me. His powerful sun rays permeate my flesh.
It's like a hug reaching down from heaven.

The wind blows and the sharpness of the cold captures my attention.
It brushes against my face and reminds me that he is still on the throne. He commands the wind and if I am in the moment, I can feel him.

When he causes the rain to pour down it’s only because I've been crying and he is using his tears to wipe away mine. In his word he said to mourn with those who mourn. He not only wrote it, he honors it.

And when the snowflakes fall gently from the sky...those ginormous fluffy white flakes are nutrients for my soul. They replenish my energy and nourish my insides, if only I would just stop and take notice.

Pause, stand still and hold out my tongue…just like the kids do. Allow his gift to fall into my mouth and refuel my inner strength. A person without a childlike spirit will not enter into His kingdom.

The rainbow always…I mean always touches my heart! I get both giddy and emotional as I stop and stare. WOW! I cannot help but reflect back on his promise...the one way back in Genesis.
Yes, that one!

And how romantic is the moon?
Now if that's not God inviting me to dance with him I don't know what is. Our awesome and powerful God wants me to let go of all the stress that consumed my day and simply come and dance with him.
The waltz, the tango…music or not, it’s all just fine with him.

His only heart’s desire is for me to feel his presence.

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written for m. l.