National Poetry Month!


I love that the waves collapse against the shore just outside my window

I love that I can hang my head off the edge of my bed and see all the stars from inside my studio

I love that the dawn changes to morning right before my eyes and I am completely mesmerized each and every time

I love that in the winter months I am alone with my God and no one else can intrude on our sacred union

I love that the onset of summer brings various sights and sounds but then it slowly winds down to a blissful peace at nightfall

I love that the birds fly high around and around like puppets on a string, only you can't see the cool to watch

I love that the ice cream cones, funnel cakes and kettle corn are all within walking distance

I love that I can go barefoot all day long and go unnoticed within the crowd, both locals and tourists

I love that my address includes both my birthday, my son's birthday and one of my all time favorite words

If you haven't guessed it already I simply love, love, love being a resident of North Beach

National Poetry Month #2