Yay! It's Finally Here

It's Spring Again...

all things are new again...
all things blossoming into vibrant colors

the naked trees will begin to clothe themselves
and the bumblebees and butterflies will
delight in nature's unending juices

the smell of freshly cut lawns will delight
my senses along with the endless outdoor bar-b-ques

girly sundresses and flip flops will emerge from
their winter chest and be well within my reach

as the days are now longer the sun gets
to stay up way past curfew

we get to walk under the night sky and
stargaze in the warmth of a gentle breeze

unplanned vacations and heartfelt surprises
with each passing day

sugary treats and various seafood will fill our
tummies as we explode with gratefulness

and once again...no boyfriend in sight
and no demands on my time or tugs on my heart

i'm blissfully wonderfully
passionately delightfully free

so fun and so free to simply be me

April 1, 2014
National Poetry Month #1