A Temporary Emptiness

feelings are displaced
and emptiness lingers there

we long for that touch
that has somehow disappeared

in a state of disbelief and not
knowing how to move on

we cling to your promises that
this earth is not our home

the heart is confused and
searching for peace

the mind runs continuously
not wanting to release

where do we find comfort
and a will to push onward

how can we laugh and smile
when our vision appears blurred

take a moment to reflect and be
still in his grace
look up to clouds and seek his face

don't forget who holds the answers
to all of your questions
don't lose track of all of life's blessings

he is coming back for you and those
that he loves
to gather his children and take us above

stand firm in your faith and all that you believe
and into his kingdom you will one day be received