Total Submission

she pushed the blanket aside
dropped to her knees
and offered the day to God

the silence in the moment
coaxed her out of herself
calling her to search for something
something unfelt, unknown
and something unimagined

her spirit responded to this call
with algorithm of longing
every moment of being contained an
indivisible-and invisible-denominator

she lit a candle and faced the wooden
cross on the wall
it had no corpus because
in spirit, she belonged there
taking Christ's place
and helping to relieve his burden

suffering borne by two is nearly joy

[The above is not a poem it is an excerpt from the book titled, Lying Awake by Mark Salzman. It is indeed an incredible read. What I've posted here is slightly paraphrased and I chose the title because is it where I desire to be in my journey with Jesus.]

-Free Spirit Butterfly