Lord when our hearts are heavy laden, our dreams are shattered and our lives come to a screeching halt, I thank you that you are our God.

When the questions go unanswered, and the tears are nonstop, You are still our God.

In the midst of chaos and turmoil, and in the darkness of the storm, You are our mighty Fortress.

When nothing in the present makes sense, and we long to go back to yesterday, You gently carry us moment to moment.

When words cannot console us, and human beings are unable to comfort us, You are our Rock.

When our emotions are numb, and our bodies are paralyzed with grief, Your loving presence has the power to mend our brokenness.

So Father today, in the heaviness of our sorrow, overwhelm us with your Holy Spirit. Pour out on us like Niagara Falls until we are completely drenched. Let your Spirit remind us that this is not the end.

Console our flesh with the promise that joy does comes in the morning and The SON will shine. His presence still brings forth Light. He has already defeated death.

We will see your glory on that day when we walk through the pearly gates and enter into Your kingdom; into our heavenly dwelling place.

Sadness will be a thing of the past and ALL of the Saints will rejoice. We will celebrate at the banquet feast with our loved ones and with our Sweet Savior.