Random Prose

I have not written a poem in quite a while
Although I have been thinking a lot about poetry

I have even had sweet dreams about poems
but I have not penned any words as of late

Life sure has taken on a speed that is
unlike anything that I can put into formation

There are countless chores and responsibilities
along with the endless demands in the workplace

Family members, friendships and other significant
relationships have been pulling at my heartstrings

Traveling has increased and the finances are going
in the opposite direction, at least in my opinion

I have yet to get my weight under control and I
haven't a clue on what to do with this hair of mine

I have embraced the fact that looks are no longer at
the top my to-do list and upgrading my wardrobe
is very unlikely

And in the midst of all these "things" that are
occurring, one thing remains the same

The Son still shines on me and I still delight in Him
He is still my Lord and I am still His daughter

I don't know how much longer I will engage in the
blogsphere or if I still have the same passion to write

But then again, as a women in every since of the word
I #certainly have the right to change my mind

So, we shall see...