Being Vulnerable

As the leaves are gently falling to the ground, I am amazed at how vulnerable they are.  I was once an orange leaf.  I know what it's like to be vulnerable.  To do something completely opposite of what seems safe. It takes courage to let go.  It takes a big heart to detach from something comfortable, something familiar and to embrace something completely new.  I see the leaves undressing and willing to be naked, regardless of their size.  I see the leaves making choices, tough ones.  I see the leaves leaving old friendships that were once draining and often negative.  I see the leaves being fearful but willing to put one step in front of the other.  I see the leaves moving ahead in faith even when no one else is.  I see the leaves trusting in something bigger than themselves.  I see the leaves slowly surrendering control.  I see the leaves shedding all that was dead and willing to become new.  I see the leaves admitting that life is not perfect but life is a gift.  I see the leaves saying, "Yes!"  I see the leaves changing, growing, believing, revealing and rejoicing.  I see the leaves transforming and #wow.....look at GOD.  So faithful to keep His word.  For everything there is a season.  In this season, let's be a leaf. Dare to let go...begin go of the old and putting on the new.  Yeah...let's be a leaf!