In The Arms of My Father

At 51 years of age, I am not in shape, so to speak. As much as I want to be and as many times as I have promised my self, I just don't take the initiative. I don't exercise nor do I watch what I eat. I love chocolate and I love coffee with lots of cream. I get short winded going up just three flights of stairs. I need a nap at the end of each work day and I get exhausted when I'm forced to stay up past my curfew. I tend to get a sad face when the elevator is broken and when I don't get a parking space "up front."  However, when I see a rainbow, I get a burst of energy and run to Jesus like a little girl.  Yep, I'm not in any way, shape or form physically fit, but if I see a rainbow, it comes so naturally for me to run into the arms of my Father!