I simply love this day
The name alone excites me
Not like before when I used to dread it
Way back then when I had no clue
Working like a man clothed in my feminine physique
So programmed to earn a living and hold it down
Wanting to cover all my bases just in case...

Just in case he left, if I became ill or the rainy day came
I had to ensure that I'd be okay-that me and the kids would be good
Completely unaware that He was watching me
He was covering and protecting me and that I was
Not in charge of one single event, planned or otherwise

I was so misguided and so holding onto my false beliefs
Had I known what He had in store for me was as simple
As surrendering and completely resting in His truth
Something that did not involve working 7 days straight
Something that would allow me to be more girly and less masculine

If I'd known that, I would have given in and given up years ago

I had never heard the word Sabbath before and I never knew
That my body was supposed to rest and rejuvenate
Living in survival mode was my modus operandi and
I was completely used to it, no one told me anything different

Had I known that My Lord said to rest on the seventh day...
Knowing what I know now, and my desire to please Him
I would have surely used my Saturdays for just that, obeying and resting